About Biamother

The idea behind Biamother is at the forefront of health and fitness in the digital age. Using the power of a woman’s smartphone, healthcare is tailored and guidance fine-tuned using her data, personal needs and goals. 

The approach is holistic—treat the whole person, body and mind, to achieve the best results. By focusing on nutrition, movement, mental optimization and recovery simultaneously, elite Olympics athletes have used the same model to achieve outstanding results… and gold.

L3M Technologies, the creators of Biamother, utilized this human performance model and focused it on pregnant and postnatal women. Hundreds of women were consulted about their experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, and a stellar team of maternal health experts (all women, mostly mothers) was assembled. 

The goal: to use the same model of human performance and personalise it for pregnant and postnatal women. The result: Biamother. The world’s first health app that cares for new mums.

Biamother is revolutionising the way women experience motherhood.

“There is a lot of conflicting advice and expectation on you when you’re pregnant or a new mum, from what you should eat, how you should feel, when you should sleep and what your body should look like. You need expert, caring guidance you can trust. You need personalised advice that fits your schedule, adapts as your needs change, and is available at your fingertips.”

-Mary Louise, The Modern Midwife



About Biamother

Launching early 2020, Biamother is the world’s first holistic wellbeing experience personalised for your unique motherhood journey. Accessed via our simple to use smartphone app, Biamother helps you find balance across the four key pillars of wellbeing – nutrition, movement, mindset, and sleep, throughout your pregnancy, and beyond.


Biamother was created by listening to and collaborating with mums from all walks of life, with a wide range of motherhood experiences. Biamother has been developed to help you gain in-depth, personalised knowledge throughout your motherhood journey, to support you in your individual wellbeing goals, and at your own individual pace.

Powered by your unique needs, personal progress and selected wellbeing goals, Biamother blends personalised data-driven insights with expert knowledge from our family of industry-leading practitioners to provide bespoke practical wellbeing solutions to ensure you experience the very best motherhood journey.